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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

MagFlux Meters

MagFlux Flow meters set the gold standard for precision.

They offer full accuracy down to 0.25% at a speed of 0.2 m/sec.

Built in DataLogger, 1 x 4-20ma & 2 x Digital outputs.

IP67. Option of IP68 up to 10m water column pressure

With gel potting kit.

7100 Meter

DN15 - DN1000

PTFE lining

7200 Meter

DN20 - DN1400

Hard rubber lining

MJK’s modular design is versatile. The Display Unit can be mounted up to 1,000 m from the Flow Converter with ordinary twisted wires.

One Display Unit can control up to 4 Converters and Flow Sensors for greater economy, space savings and an improved overview of the

multiple measurement values.


Open Channel Flow Meters

Magflux br.pdf

MJK Catalogue

713 Open Channel Flow Converter

The 713 Flow converter measures the water level behind a weir or in a

measurement flume. It then measures the level and calculates

flow values, displayed as actual flow and total flow.

The 713 Flow converter is supplied with an

ultrasonic sensor or hydrostatic transmitter to measure the level.


Ultrasonic : range of 10 - 25m

Hydrostatic : range of 0 - 300m


Venturi, Parshall, Palmer Bowlus

Available in SS or fibreglass reinforced polyester

Ultrasonic Flow Meters,

Thickness Gauge

Model 101F

Wall Mounted

Transit time

DN20 - DN4000

Output = 4-20ma + relay

+ 1 open collector

Model 200H


Transit time

DN20 - DN4000

Displays flow rate,

Totaliser and more

Model 100T

Thickness Meter


Measures any hard materials

Such as steel, cast iron,

Aluminium, red copper, PVC, and more


Flow Meters

Battery Powered

Flow Meters

Model Rsmag

DN10 - DN150

0.2% or 0.5% accuracy

Compact or Remote display

Ouptut = 4-20ma, Pulse,

Modbus RTU, HART

Model Smag

DN10 - DN150

0.2% or 0.5% accuracy

Compact or Remote display

Ouptut = 4-20ma, Pulse, Modbus RTU, HART

Model Rbmag

DN10 - DN1000

0.2% accuracy

Compact or Remote display

Pulse + Modbus output

MJK are a manufacturer of high quality measurement, monitoring &

control instrumentation for water resource management.

713-open-channel-flow-converter.pdf 101F.pdf 200H.pdf 100T.pdf Rsmag.pdf Smag data.pdf RBmag data.pdf