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0.05 - 2 cu.m

Impeller diameter

80 - 160 mm

Rated power

0.25 - 1.5 kw

Rotation speed

1,500 rpm

0.1 - 5 cu.m

Impeller diameter

200 - 500 mm

Rated power

0.18 - 0.37 kw

Rotation speed

100 - 280 rpm

2 - 100 cu.m

Impeller diameter

600 - 2350 mm

Rated power

0.18 - 3 kw

Rotation speed

16 - 76 rpm

1 - 400 cu.m

Impeller diameter

400 - 3600 mm

Rated power

0.12 - 1.1 kw

Rotation speed

7.5 - 68 rpm

For IBC 1000 containers

Quick mount brackets

2 large folding blades

Electric or air driven

Low or high speed

Low weight







Helisem Mixers

More than 50 years of experience in the design and

construction of agitators. Suitable for severe conditions.

From 0.001 - 100,000 cu.m

Robin Range


TurboAxal Agitator

Our Turboxal agitator is a floating oxygenator that improves the efficiency of injecting pure oxygen into aeration basins of shallow water (less than 5m) or aerated lagoons, or in pools in which the installation of submersible equipment is difficult.

Turboaxal agitators work by operating with low oxygen requirements; thereby minimalizing consumption of pure oxygen and operating costs.

Patented jointly with Air Liquide – the Turboxal agitator increases the capacity of treatment, improves sludge settling, reduces formation odors and homogenizes mixing.

HeliFloat Floating Agitator

For suspension and homogenization of solid particles

Designed for water treatment basins and tanks, Helifloat floating agitators are an economical, energy efficient investment, producing high-displaced volumes.

Helifloat agitator efficiently holds solid particles in suspension with its high-power SABRE® propeller.  This proprietary impeller channels the liquid jet toward the bottom of the basin, up to 7m deep.

Since it is floating, Helifloat agitator does not require a mounting device.  Its fixation is performed using simple cables to avoid gyration.  Several agitators can be suspended in large-dimension basins.